Saja's Countryside Farm
403 Parker Road, P.O. Box 276
Dracut, MA  01826   
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Meet the growers who each season, make it all happen...

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About Us

Caroline Zuk (above left) owns and operates this 56 acre farm which has been in the family since 1915. With the help of long time family friend "Farmer John" (above right, among the corn stalks), together they began a growing operation called "Saja's Countryside Farm", that has put the Saja Family farm back into production.

In 1911, Caroline's maternal grandmother, Bronislawa (Blanche) arrived in the U.S. from her native Poland with many other immigrants in search of opportunity. After marrying Andrzej Saja, she settled in Lowell, MA working in the mills while her husband worked for a local foundry. When she became pregnant with her third child, they decided to purchase property in Dracut, on Parker Road where many of their Polish immigrant friends already resided. Starting off with only two cattle and a plow horse named "Maggie", they began to farm. For the next several decades, they raised eight children, built a dairy barn, raised and tended dairy cattle, producing milk and selling their milk to local dairies. They also raised other animals and grew numerous vegetable crops which sustained their family throughout the harsh winter months. When Caroline's grandparents passed away, the farm was left to their two unmarried children, one of whom was Caroline's godmother, Helen Saja Mullin. Aunt Helen and her brother then decided to sell the cattle and simply grow hay as other farmers and building contractors were in need of hay in the early 1970's. Caroline, her parents, and her younger sisters assisted Aunt Helen and her uncle with maintaining the farm as a hay farm. In 1975, the barn burned. Caroline's family still insisted on haying. When Caroline's uncle passed away, her aunt let the fields remain fallow. With the farm now in Caroline's care, having been raised with farming all around her, she immediately rebuilt the barn and then set to work keeping Aunt's Helen's wish to retain the family farm and make it prosper. She decided to grow fresh vegetables. We hope you enjoy our fresh produce. Our goal always has been and always will be to provide the freshest tasting produce in the area. Come visit us!